I make Art about Passionate People

Let me transform your story into a beautiful Artwork which lifts your spirits every time you pass by.

Welcome to my website. Please spend some time having a look around and send me any questions you have via the Inquiries Page. I take a slightly different approach and so there is a lot to see. The central theme in my work is you! I am driven by the thrill of hearing your story, of chewing through it all with you, the good, the bad and the ugly. Then I use the magical tools of Art to help us to see that our stories, our loves, our losses, well told and properly witnessed, are what make for a life well lived.

One person may come to me and say “I want to learn to love my body”. Another may wish to mark the occasion of her precious daughter’s marriage. Yet another will have no idea what she wants and that is what we focus on. You can commission a portrait or a photoshoot or you can sign up to work with me for a period of time with the focus on rediscovering your mojo through the creative process. Either way you will emerge changed, beautiful and with a treasured piece of Art at the end. As one person said “if ever I feel I am losing a sense of myself I can look at this and really know who I am”. (Richael, 2019)

Broadly speaking I am currently working in the following categories:

  1. Creative Photography

  2. Creative Portraiture with drawing and painting

  3. Dress Portraits: Using photographs of dresses or other special Artifacts as a canvas for drawing and painting.

  4. Mentoring

Please see below for some examples.

"They say a picture paints a thousand words. Kerstin’s pictures are not just capturing words or memories or moments in time, they capture the sense of a whole life’s story.”  Richael 2019

Creative Portraiture


Tell me Your Story

Take some time to look around this universe which is you.

Through our conversations I will dream up an image which will encapsulate the poetry of your story, as only Art can.  I will bring a picture of your loves, losses, hopes and dreams to life, the significance of which can then only deepen through the passage of time.


Experience yourself in a new way.

I already love you!

How it works:

  • You get curious and you Email me at kerstinwalsh @ gmail.com or click on inquiries.

  • We meet in person or on the phone and get an idea about what you are looking for, no pressure to sign up for anything! These conversations inspire us both, for free!

  • We decide whether you want to commission a Dress Portrait or a Creative Portrait (I sometimes call them Reinvention Portraits). We talk through what you love. 

  • We schedule a photoshoot for you or your Dress.

  • I capture an essence of you, I awaken ideas, inspirations and parts of you which had been sleeping, we set each other on creative fire.

  • You receive a fine Art Photograph or an illustrated Artwork of the highest quality to treasure, which will remind you of where you want to go.

  • Your Dress, Your Beauty, Your Story.

    ask a question..click here


Prices for Creative Portraiture

  • Introductory 2 hour Photoshoot:

€250 + the cost of any prints you wish to have for your walls.

You receive an Online Gallery of wonderful images and we talk through which images you wish to print, which will inspire you every time you look at them. I have them printed on thick Hahnemuehle Art paper.

  • In depth 3-4 hour Photoshoot:

€450 + the cost of prints.

You receive an Online Gallery of wonderful images and we talk through which images you wish to print. I have them printed on thick Hahnemuehle Art paper. This level facilitates more communication, planning and preparation for the photoshoot.

  • In Depth Photoshoot Series:

At this level, we are going for something very special and transformative. In this we dig deeper. We get to know you better. Our ideas evolve and develop over time. Contact me to discuss ideas!

When the Soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.
— Meister Eckhart

You and your memories are truly unique, fascinating and beautiful. Using you, your body or that special dress as inspiration, I would like to create a magical Artwork which will celebrate this moment, with all the poetry, symbolism and magic this entails.

Dress Portraits

_MG_4841 Lisa.jpg

Explore you Dreams

There is no one out there like you…

“For me the process of meeting Kerstin and answering questions was fun and enjoyable but when I was presented with the picture my breath was taken away and I was brought to tears.

I felt listened to and understood. These beautiful images depicting my life on my wedding dress is an heirloom. the whole process has been life affirming. If ever I feel I am losing a sense of myself I can look at this and really know who I am.

Thank you Kerstin for your beautiful artistic talent, for your gift of listening and for this amazing piece of Art.”



Take your dress out of the wardrobe

Relive your Story in a fun and magical way.

“The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ~ William Butler Yeats

I have made a Dress Portrait for each of my children. It is a most magical experience and every now and then they still ask me to add to them. “I want a rainbow butterfly on mine!” As they grow, these pictures will remain beautiful, vibrant and alive. A place in time, but actually just an extension of the vast and endless starry sky to which we all belong.

image1 (3).jpeg

Dress Portraits

All sizes are bespoke but I broadly categorize them for simplicity into Small, Medium and Large. I also have a ‘Simple’ starter offer for those who are new to Art collecting or have a smaller budget.

How it works:

1. We exchange a number of Emails and also meet in person or on the phone. We take our time. We listen and sharpen our senses to what would like to be expressed. We eat and drink. We laugh, we may cry. You set the pace. Magic happens.

2. I print a photograph of your dress onto thick luxurious Art paper and illustrate onto this image based on what I have learned about you.

Please Click Here to contact me for a Price List for Dress Portraits.

2019-01-05 15.39.28-1.jpg
“Look at the stunning Dress Portrait Kerstin Walsh created for our tenth anniversary present! It’s got our civilisation dresses in! With the girls’ wee strawberry frocks! And Lullaby of Birdland! And our homes and flowers, and even a teeny tiny Peppa pig just for E.! It makes me smile and cry every time I look at it, and it will be an honour to have it living with us for the years to come. THANK YOU Kerstin.
— Helen

For questions and to book a Dress Portrait, click here.

Please note that Dress Portraits take some time. At least 8 weeks, longer for the larger ones. Please let me know in advance if you would like to present the Artwork as a gift at a certain time. I do not like to work under time pressure. Thank you!

Comments from people I have worked with -

"I know few people who have made such a wholehearted commitment to living their creative dream in all its aspects. Kerstin is a uniquely alive and inspiring woman - wise beyond her years and an eternal divine child. Blessed are all those who share in her light."  Tessa Gibson, Psychologist & Creative Writing Teacher 

"I was lucky enough to work alongside Kerstin for a number of years when we were starting out on our careers and developing our ideas about life, art and how to make a place for ourselves in the world. She inspired and challenged me everyday we worked together and those years were so important in allowing me to get to where I am today. Kerstin has the very special and rare gift of infusing everything she does with creativity, courage, honesty and humility, and it is a joy to work in the environment she creates. If you have the opportunity to work with Kerstin in any capacity my advice is very simple; take it!"  Ivan M., Psychotherapist, Midland Psychotherapy

"I spent three years on a training course in Intentional Healing (facilitated by Ira Greenberg) with Kerstin. All course participants got to know each other very well due to the many intense and personal workshops that we did together. I experienced Kerstin as a very lively, engaged and highly creative person who is empathetic to others as well as resourceful, imaginative and constructive in her outlook on life. Giving courses that foster creativity and ‘the art of living’ will give her the opportunity to further those skills in others. Since Kerstin has worked many years as a social worker as well as a practicing artist it will also give her the opportunity to combine her social, interpersonal skills with her creative experience. I wish Kerstin good luck with this (ad)venture and hope many people will take advantage and enjoy the many opportunities that Kerstin will open up this way".   Dr. Stefanie Dinkelbach, independent artist, filmmaker and scholar

"I attended The Artists Way course that Kerstin organised and I cannot recommend her highly enough.She is an extremely talented group facilitator and wonderfully creative. I thoroughly enjoyed, and benefited from, my time with her".   Sarah L. 

"I remember going to a lovely creative workshop that Kerstin facilitated in Cork in her apartment full of paintings and drawings. When I look at the drawings I did that night I see the freedom and fun that Kerstin nourishes in her work. "   Lisa F., Artist

"Kerstin is a warm and generous guide to take you on your creative journey. With her help and encouragement you will find yourself growing, showing, and flowing!"  Toma M., Artist 

"I participated in The Artist Way and took a drawing class with Kerstin. On both courses she was a pleasure to work with, and brought a great energy to the space and her students. She also provides a great variety to tasks, and her love of the creative arts is second to none. No doubt. Kerstin is a good one."  Stanley N., Writer

"Kerstin is one of those beautiful people whom you feel enriched by just through being in their company.  She is a refreshingly sincere, honest, real, warm hearted, earthy soul with ready laughter and good humour.  

"I met Kerstin at an Artist's Way Course she was running several years ago which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I was going through a challenging time in my life and the course provided a safe, encouraging, comforting, uplifting, sharing, light, fun space with much laughter where I felt supported and nurtured.  I resonated easily with Kerstin on a soul level and it felt like finding a kindred spirit and still feels this way whenever we meet.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kerstin to anyone or to do another course with her at some point as I know it would be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. To my mind, Kerstin is a very rare and beautiful jewel".  Margret M.

"I worked through the course “Learn to Draw and Make Friends with your Finances” and am intrigued to be rethinking my approach to money and this may have saved me a fortune before starting my business a number of years ago. I have been inspired to call the dreaded and dreary folders and boxes of my accounts and unopened letters from the bank – my atelier and suddenly I feel quite protective of them and treat the information in them with more respect, appreciating the possibilities within it.  I know Kerstin from our Thursday kiddies disco and Unplugged sessions. And aswell as appreciating her fun, playful, inclusive and calm nature, I also appreciate that she listens, is interested and tunes in. She’s  innovative, intuitive and articulate and thinks outside the box. I think she has a unique approach to things and is very supportive".  Carol Doyle  - www.belleetik.com

"Is it too late to e-mail you and tell you how WONDERFUL and FABULOUS I think you are?? Well, I do think those things. You have a beautiful feeling about you ... I always felt so calm in your presence ... You feel wise. 
Also, your words about helping Artists and Writers rang a bell with me ... I've recently started a huge writing project ... taking seriously an internal call to write a book based on my 2009 travels in Nepal and India. So it's nice to remember that there's loads of others out there, that are braving the elements too with their own creative hopes and dreams." Brenda

And for something completely different, this is what my friend Maureen says

"I have known Ms. Walsh for 20 years, in which time she has saved me from homelessness, and the raging waters of the Atlantic, among other things. She has shared her home, family, and some of the happiest moments of my life with me. I will never recover from the trauma of missing her wedding. I love her Mommy almost as much as my own. I haven't spoken to her in approximately 2 years. I was unaware, until this evening, that she had a blog. I have no idea what she does on her courses, but I'd say she's brilliant, based on the many enjoyable conversations we have had over the years, deep into the night, with other brilliant people like her sister, on a wide range of topics that I cannot immediately recall. This is due to the fact that my children and I are involved in a parasitic relationship whereby they grow more vibrant, and beautiful, and intelligent every day by feeding on my energy while I fail, and forget all the details of my life... I can, however attest to Kerstin's capacity for connecting people through the immensity of her spirit, curiosity, and compassion, and to her vision of the world, which is always open, and joyful. She is the best, and I love her."


For questions please Email me at kerstinwalsh@gmail.com